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Kinver helped us realize a double-digit percentage reduction in our prices.


Active Brands is a leading supplier of premium brand goods to sports retail in the Nordic region. The brand portfolio consists currently of Kari Traa (womens sportswear), Bula (accessories), Vossatassar (kidswear), Johaug (womens sportswear), Åsnes (skis), Dæhlie (running and cross country skiwear), Sweet Protection (helmets, protection and apparel).

NOK 1,200m (2019)
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Active Brands' goal is to become the leading Nordic sports brand. They have several well-known brands in their portfolio including Kari Traa, Johaug, Sweet Protection and Dæhlie.

Through several rounds with Kinver, we have reduced our costs for transportation and warehousing services. Already in the first round, Kinver helped us realize a double-digit percentage reduction in our prices.
Active brands

Active Brands contacted Kinver to get a benchmark and find out if they had competitive prices, explains logistics manager Rune Skrove. There is a transformation happening in logistics. Things should go faster and more efficiently and then you need good solutions.

Kinver has broad expertise in traditional transport but is also very up to date in new trends in logistics. This combination has led to solutions that make you better equipped for the future. The logistics of the future will be an integrated supply chain where everything is seamless.

Seamless supply chain means that you have a better assesment foundation on which to base your choices.

Measuring costs throughout the value chain allows us to measure customer and product profitability. Most businesses are able measure their gross income, but few are able to measure their gross income after logistics costs.

Through the collaboration with Kinver, Active Brands has put the customer experience first.

There is a greater focus on quality. When we started, price was the only parameter and quality came second. Now it has become a more even power relationship. We see that in some negotiations within logistics we have not gone for the very cheapest solutions, but for the best solutions overall. When you focus on quality, you put the customer experience first.

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