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Miele contacted Kinver to get transparency in invoicing and analysis on their freight set.


Miele is a manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, headquartered in Germany.

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EUR 4,16 billion (2018/2019)
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Miele contacted Kinver to get transparency in invoicing and analysis on their freight set. They wanted to know what optimization options they had.

We lacked transparency on large amounts of data. There was a huge increase in transportation costs and we could not explain it. We simply did not have an overview. Shipping is a crucial cost item. It accounts for about 10% of the company's operating costs. If we can save 10% of our shipping costs, we free up resources that can be invested in developing the company, which corresponds to 1% of the company's operating costs. Therefore, we must have control over it.

Kinver performed contract follow-up and cost control for Miele to provide insight into their agreements and invoicing.

Now Kinver checks that we are not double invoiced and that it is the right amount.I don’t have to worry about being invoiced incorrectly, it is the ongoing control that I value very highly. Having control of shipping costs is an absolute prerequisite for me to do my job well

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The insight and transparency have freed up funds that Miele can spend on core business.

Poor control of shipping costs have major consequences on our profitability. Good control of shipping costs means that we can further develop and optimize the company. Why pay more than necessary on shipping?

Kinver Engine is a powerful tool that provides insight into your own shipping and transportation.

If I needed to do a deep analysis, I used to have to contact advisors or order a report. Now, with Kinver Engine, I am able to do a lot of the work myself and fetch insights live in meetings from my computer.

Two years later, Miele and Kinver are in a long-term partnership.

Kinver is a small company so they're flexible and tailor-make solutions and they're so big that they have a credibility and experience in the industry that gives a credibility. We have a partner who supports us through all of our questions and in dialogue with carriers. Kinver provides expert knowledge, whether it is about strategy or questions about shipping. It is an open dialogue and an honest partnership.

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