Otto Olsen customer story

Before the collaboration with Kinver, we were a pure transport buyer. We are now a strategically important partner for our carriers.


Otto Olsen AS offer a wide range of products to various industries. They are a market-leading supplier and production company that delivers technical products and complex solutions to industry and trade.

Wholesale of machines and tools for industries
NOK 400m (2020)
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Otto Olsen AS praise Kinver Action’s ability to raise employees’ motivation and autonomy. With a glance on the screens the employees get an intuitive insight in the daily operations, enabling them to plan their workday without being micromanaged.

Kjetil Høgbakken - Otto Olsen

CEO at Otto Olsen, Kjetil Høgbakken, believes Kinver Action is a valuable addition to their warehouse and goods receipt.

It’s important for us to visualize status. The Kinver Action screens in our warehouse and goods receipt gives our employees information about arrivals and delays. This gives everyone an overview of what is happening and helps them prioritize. It enables the employees to plan their days without a manager coordinating everything.

Høgbakken believes Kinver Action has made the employees understand the whole picture in operations better.

Everything is more transparent and visible. Before the Kinver Action screens, customer service or purchasing called goods receipt to get information about what should be priorities. With the Kinver Action screens the information is always visible for everyone. Kinver has been great at making the screens communicate complexity through intuitive colors.

Otto Olsen

Having the Kinver Action screens available in his office has been a helpful leadership tool for Høgbakken.

As a leader, I check the screens daily. It gives me a better overview of the daily operations, allowing me to ask the right questions. The screens are also an important tool for managers; it makes it easier for them when all the employees can see and understand the status easily.
Communication is important, and the screens easily communicate complexity through intuitive colors.

Otto Olsen

Otto Olsen AS has been going through a process with moving to new locations and improving their routines

With Kinver’s ability to visualize the data, we got all the way there. With our Kinver Action screens everyone sees the full picture which makes them more independent

Høgbakken would recommend Kinver’s solutions to other companies:

I would recommend Kinver’s solutions to everyone who has either purchasing or custumer service, and I can’t really see which companies shouldn’t have this? We proudly show off our Kinver Action-screens to everyone who’s visiting us; everyone seems impressed.

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